How to Change your Tire

The sad truth is that tires are expensive, and are definitely going to need replacing on your vehicle at some point. Hopefully it will not be a completely bad experience after you read this small tutorial. I'm going to treat this as though you have experienced a blowout on the road, and are a complete novice to changing a tire. So the scenario that I will use is this:

You've gotten a new car from AutoDeals LLC, and have been driving it for 6 months. Everything has been perfect, and you're cruising down I-20, jamming to a groove, and all of a sudden BOOM!!! Your tire blows out! Here's what to do:

DO NOT PANIC! Stay calm, and make sure not to slam on your brakes! Turn on your hazard lights, and slowly merge into the Emergency Lane/ Shoulder and come to a complete stop. Keep your hazard lights on the entire process.

Now that you're safely in the Emergency Lane, it's time to locate your spare tire. Usually this is found in the trunk of your car, or under the car itself, near the rear. Consult your vehicles manual to see how to get your spare out of your car. If your spare is a "Doughnut" please understand that this type of spare is only intended for use for a very small amount of time, and that it is not rated for interstate use, so only use these types of tires to get to a tire shop and have a proper one installed.

Now that you've located your spare, set it to the side and go to the blown out tire.

Locate the Tire Iron, or wrench that is located near your spare, and go to your blown tire. Remove hubcap if necessary, and loosen the lug nuts just enough to where you can unscrew them with your hand, but do not remove them completely.

If your lug nuts are really stuck, it is not uncommon for people to put this wrench on the car and use your leg turn the wrench by standing on it, or using a rock to hit the wrench and loosen the lug nuts. If you do this, make sure the wrench is perfectly lined up on the lug nuts, or else your could strip them, making it a lot worse of a situation. Now that the lug nuts are loose, it is time to jack up your car. Every car has different "Jack Spots," which you can find in your car's manual, but usually anywhere on the frame should be fine. Your jack should also be located near your spare tire. Line your jack up on the frame evenly, or jack spot, nearest your blown out tire and begin to raise the car.

Once the blown out tire is off the ground an inch or so, remove the lug nuts and set them in a safe place inside your car, so that they are not misplaced or lost.

Carefully remove the tire from the studs and set it on the ground with the rim facing upwards.

Place the spare tire on studs where you just took off the blown tire, and reinstall lug nuts as tight as you can get them with your fingers, but do not use a wrench on them. Lower the car down, and put the jack to the side, away from the car.

Now, go and fully tighten the lug nuts using a star pattern. Whichever lug nut you choose to start with, do the lug nut directly across from it, and keep doing that until they are evenly tightened. Tightening one more than the other will cause sever issues.

Now it's time to put your blown tire in the trunk and pack up your jack and tire iron,. Make sure that you do not leave anything on the side of the road!!